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Professional & Affordable Exterior Cleaning Services Servicing across the East Midlands!

Pressure Washing

Instantly Revive Your Driveway, Paths, Decking, Patio & More!

Our van-mounted pressure washing system can easily tackle a wide range of dirt, grime and stains on a range of surfaces.

Our specialist equipment is designed to reach difficult spaces, giving you a deep and accurate clean that will last. In addition, our high-quality biocide will ensure lasting results and deter the regrowth of organic matter.

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Roof Cleaning

Effective & Affordable Roof Maintenance

Avoid costly roof replacements and repairs with our roof cleaning services. Regular maintenance will help to prevent damage, providing a very cost-effective option to replacing your roof.

Using our own tower equipment, we can access your roof safely. Next, we utilise specialised roof cleaning equipment to help remove moss and prevent regrowth without causing any damage to your tiles.

Moss removal not only significantly enhances the look of your property, but also keeps your roof tiles from getting too wet and weakening, which increases the likelihood of them breaking. Additionally, by maintaining clean gutters, this technique will keep water and moisture from getting into your property.

With our fantastic local reputation, 5-star reviews, professional and affordable services, you can rest assured that our roof cleaning services are the perfect option for you.

Gutter Clearing

We specialise in residential, high-level and commercial gutter clearing services.


Prevent water damage with our professional gutter clearing service. Our expert team ensures clean and clear gutters, removing debris and blockages to maintain optimal water flow. Safeguard your property from potential damage and ensure the longevity of your gutters with our thorough and efficient clearing solutions.

Driveway & Patio Cleaning

Trust us to enhance the curb appeal of your property with thorough and effective Driveway & Patio cleaning.



We clean all types of surfaces including block paving, imprinted concrete, tarmac, resin-bound paving and all patio types using industrial machines to guarantee a professional finish. We also re-sand every block paved area after cleaning to ensure that all blocks remain secure for years to come, giving you peace of mind as well as a driveway that looks ‘as new’.

Soft Washing

Perfect For Fragile Render, Roughcast, Delicate Stonework & More


Our Softwashing services are the ideal option to clean delicate surfaces such as roof tiles, render & sandstone.

Utilising our professional steam cleaning machine, and/or HSE approved chemicals, we can safely treat and remove all organic matter, such as, mildew, bacteria, algae, fungus, moss and lichens, in addition to dirt, grime and spiderwebs. Soft washing originated as an alternative to power washing, where high pressure can cause damage.

We offer affordable Softwashing solutions across the East Midlands.

Competitively priced, we will beat any like for like quote.

Steam Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly & Highly-Effective For Exterior Walls, Roofs & More

Steam cleaning uses heat/steam to remove tough stains, dirt and organic matter from surfaces. It offers another, more gentle approach to cleaning your property rather than intense pressure and/or chemical use.

For deep cleaning fragile stone, graffiti, gum and more it is the ideal option.

We will enhance the overall look of your home with our expert steam cleaning equipment. Whether for a commercial or residential property, we will have the ideal solution for your needs.

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Window & UPVC Cleaning

One of the most effective and affordable ways to transform your property.


Achieve sparkling clarity with our Window & UPVC cleaning services. Our meticulous approach ensures a streak-free shine on windows and pristine UPVC surfaces such as gutters, fascias & soffits.

Render & Cladding Cleaning​

We can restore your residential or commercial property back to its former glory with our effective cleaning techniques. This is very cost effective compared to the cost of recoating/repainting these surfaces.

Graffiti & Chewing Gum Removal

Erase unwanted markings with our Graffiti & Chewing Gum Removal service. Our skilled team utilizes effective techniques to eliminate graffiti and chewing gum residues, restoring surfaces to their pristine state. Trust us for prompt and thorough removal, ensuring a clean and inviting environment for your property.

Car Park Cleaning

Make a positive first impression with our Carpark Cleaning service. Our expert team removes dirt, oil stains, and debris, transforming your carpark into a clean and welcoming space. Boost the overall appeal of your property while providing a positive experience for visitors with our comprehensive cleaning solutions.

New Build Cleaning

Are you a home builder? Looking for a contractor to provide an exterior clean before your clients move in? Look no further!


We are experienced in brick cleaning, soffit & fascia cleaning, render cleaning, render removal, concrete removal and driveway cleaning. We can also provide risk assessments and method statements on request.

High Level Cleaning

Catering for both residential and commercial clients, we can clean any area at height using pole systems, scaffolding or powered access systems. We are fully trained, qualified and insured to work at height safely.


This is a myth passed down overs the years to deter people from looking after their roofs, thus needing it replacing at a heavy cost. Only inexperienced cleaners, with lesser equipment and inexperience, pressure wash roofs. We use specifically designed steaming equipment to provide low pressure, high heat which will gently cleanse, and remove the moss without any damage to your roof.

Maintaining your roof (like we do with every other area of our Properties) not only helps prolong the life of the roof, it is also very cost-effective, compared to replacing your roof. The added bonus is your Neighbours will be jealous of your lovely looking roof.

Most definitely. Situational awareness is important to us and enables us to train for, and understand, cleaning processes that our competition may not be aware of. Understanding the client’s wants and needs, we are able to achieve the desired results required, as safely and as friendly as possible. To date, we have completed numerous cleans from playgrounds in conservation areas, to patios by rivers. We will always try the safest, cleanest option first.

All properties and businesses are different, location, access, size, all being big factors in pricing. We offer a completely free quote. We survey the area, leave a price, and let you decide. Not only that, but we also guarantee to beat any ‘like for like’ quote, from a fully insured business.

We are very fortunate to own all our equipment that is capable of cleaning practically anything, from high pressure washing, to ultra low pressure, 150 degree gentle cleaning. We also have chemical cleaning Softwash equipment, our own tower systems and high reach equipment. If it’s outside, we can clean it.

To provide a professional service, whilst also being mindful of neighbouring properties, we operate during the working day for all residential work. For commercial services, we work around the client to support their needs, usually out of working hours, so that it does not impede or disturb the business.

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